Series 01 – Nexus

22 October 2002 to 10 December 2002

2002 Jul 18 – First Club Appearence

…the other option will be Exalted. The characters have vast powers,

but are beset on all sides. Their enemies include the multitude of

Dragon-Blooded who have usurped their rightful place, the Sidereal who

control fate itself and the Abyssal, their arch enemies. In this

instance, they find themselves in a small town on the gladiator/slave

trade route between Nexus and Kirighast. The town is slowly being taken

over by an alien intelligence and it’s up to the heroes to stop it.


I think you should run Exalted. I’ve got a character and lots of others

have as well. Even though I won’t be able to play it…..

Adrian Rammelt

Aug 30, 2002

So, we’re going to explore Nexus and the slave pits there, eh? To see

if a handful of demi-gods can claw their way out and make a kingdom for



Sep 4, 2002

Games for next block

Um, Exalted? Slave revolt maybe.


Block dates

Week 1 22 Oct 2002

Week 2 29 Oct 2002

Week 3 05 Nov 2002

Week 4 12 Nov 2002

Week 5 19 Nov 2002

Week 6 26 Nov 2002

Week 7 03 Dec 2002

Week 8 10 Dec 2002

2002 Sep 30 First pre-vote (Ant) msg 1872

It is a time of wonder. The champions of the gods return to restore the glory of the First Age.

Commoners die in the civil feuds of the Dragon-Blooded nobles. The Fair Folk

enslave the unwary and consume their spirits. The dead return to claim the

lands of the living.

Open your eyes

The Realm is in Chaos. The Dragon-Blooded’s Wyld Hunt is in shambles. They

can hold us back no longer.

A thousand years ago, we ruled this world together. Our might was such that

we slew the foes of the gods with our bare hands. And for our service, the

highest among the gods, the Unconquered Sun, granted us Exaltation.

We are the Solars.

Oct 9, 2002 (Ant) msg 1959

Exalted (Ant)


Matt Baker

Dave G

Oct 21, 2002 (Ant) msg2024


The largest city in the world, outside of the Realm. Nexus is a city that

knows only one law – thou shalt not obstruct trade. Ruled by the mysterious

Council of Entities through its representative the Emissary, Nexus is a

filthy hive of crime and treachery, where life is cheap and death is free.

It is also a shining jewel of commerce and opportunity, where anyone with

enough determination and luck can earn a fortune. Nexus is famous for its

markets, its metal goods and its mercenaries, all of which are the best in

the known world.

With over one and a half million inhabitants, Nexus is the largest city

outside the Realm. Like most of the other major cities in the River

Province, it is built on the ruins of a city of the Old Realm.

For decades after its rehabitation, Nexus was a brawling sprawl of gangland

feuds and petty potentates. Then, with little warning, things changed.

Ganglords and potentates died, bloodily and inexplicably. Shortly after the

death of the city’s most powerful figures, the being known as the Emissary

first appeared. This white-robed, silver-masked figure alleged to speak for

a group known as the Council of Entities, a group that now laid claim to the

city. This group has made the following decrees and they are well enforced.

No taxes shall be raised, save by the Council.

None shall obstruct trade.

You shall bring no army into Nexus.

You shall commit no wanton violence.

None may falsely claim the Council’s name or sanction.

None shall harbour a fugitive from the Council’s wrath.

The sentence for trangression is death or exile….

Oct 23, 2002 (Ant) msg 2032

Highlights for me were:

Braxus addressing the crowd of over 100,000 people, proclaiming that his time had come again!

Marcus’ arms and seven section staff becoming a blur, as he moved faster than the eye could see, taking out two elite gladiators before they could see who was attacking.

James slaughtering 15 men with his Obsidian Butterflies, and then allowing his aura to shine. A huge pair of bat’s wings unfolded from behind him….

Matt: Hmm.. Wonder how effective Obsidian Butterflies are in a small wooden room full of people..

Ant: Don’t forget that Braxus is in that room. Not to mention his latest squeeze!!

Matt: I hadn’t forgotten. He’s Solar Exalted, he can take care of himself. And my knowledge of his

current squeeze lends to me caring not a jot about her. Not that I really care much about anyone that I see as beneath me anyway. Strangely, all non-Solar exalted tend to be perceived by me as beneath me..

Ant: Because they are! In a big way! You could’ve taken those elite gladiators without backstabbing!

Matt: Undoubtedly, but there is both the matter of style and of the certain amount of enjoyment to be obtained from the confusion on their faces as they fell, having been skewered by a practically invisible assassin. After all, what exactly were they there for if not my entertainment? It’s not as if any of them had any belongings worth my time. Besides, I was trying to keep what was left of their piteous lives vaguely interesting for them.

ant: haha!! I like that attitude!

Adrian: Well I don’t! I have to look after my looks. They are my fortune I’ll have you know…

ant: Your fortune will increase since that heroic speech you made.

Adrian: It heartens me gladly that Solars have remarkable healing powers. And I will not have to deal with the problem of saying: “Not the Face! Not the Face!” if I happen to get into a fight…

Ant: haha!! Well, I have to say, Malla might lose interest considerably if  anything DID happen to your face. Assuming you survive the dinner party!

Matt: You’d best keep it out of the way of the butterflies though, I hear they’re remarkably difficult to extract once they’re embedded in cheekbones.

Ant: As I recall, they leave an ‘action man’ type scar…

Ant: But why rush the dinner party? What makes you think high-society types were AT the arena? It could be that Malla wants the most handsome man for 2000 miles to be her partner at a dinner party she’s throwing. Of course, it could all be an elaborate trap!

Matt: bit of a redundant question, really. They’re Dragons. Self preservation dictates that they die, unless I get very good arguments as to why they shouldn’t. Anyways, They may have stuff worth stealing, some of them being so posh. And I really DO want to see what a swarm of butterflies can do inside a confined area…

David: If we survive the fight with 12 Blood Dragons. Hmmm. 3 Solar against 12 Dragon Blood? Fair match? We shall see.

Ant: Four to one odds. And who says they are all Dragon Blooded Exalts?

Ant: The other side of the coin is this: if they know that Braxus is a Solar, it

will have only been because of the arena earlier. And that means they’re

expecting two more (James was noticed when he suddenly stopped damping his

aura, and this HUGE bat suddenly unfurled its wings in the middle of the

arena….) Not to mention the fact that at least ONE of the guests is suspected of being

able to kill Solars with his bare hands. But then, you ARE all demi-gods. You have the power!

Adrian: No fear pal. I maybe blonde but I ain’t no bimbo. She was there at the arena. I never forget a…er…face She was there alright.

Ant: Yep, she was there. But is she LIKELY to admit her dinner guest is in fact a slave? A bit like a high class escort for women.

Matt: Look, this is all highly irrelevant. They’re Dragon Blooded, they have jewellery on, they’re dogmeat. End of story as far as I’m concerned.

David: Alas – they must all die – perhaps those that do not reveal themselves as Exalted may survive my hands but I cannot vouch for the other 2’s mercy. Our holy father requires our dominance. msg 2068.

Oct 30, 2002 (ant) msg 2073

What a great evening!

Braxus hobnobbing with the best of the Nexus elite, doing whatever it took to

avoid trouble, and, best of all, insisting that his beautiful lover share him

with a maid!!

James going through the house, killing each of the guards silently, taking

them out before they even noticed he was there, HANGING THEM ON MEAT HOOKS,

and stealing anything worth anything (a nice white jade blade, and a shining

silver breastplate).

Marcus accidentally punching Braxus, incinerating bodies, hiding behind a

door (hahaha!), punching demons and tripping poor cooks who have been roused

in the middle of the night and come running in with their cleaver in hand (!

I’ve never heard it called that before!)

And finally, Kzin, who crept up on the others and got the drop on them twice,

who shot the and brought a woman back from the dead with his godlike powers.

Gordy: I enjoyed it. Really sorry Braxus for giving you a bruised chin. I now

think that Farkoon is a 5th columnist for sure. Thought I don’t know if

that is want Ant intended. Marcrakers

Matt B: I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before. They are mortal. I am Solar

Exalted. They ARE meat. *sigh*

You also forgot to mention they were hung upside down, both in case I

missed anything in their pockets and for the sheer homicidal style of it all..

Nov 26, 2002 msg 2133: Ant to Adrian R.

Entirely up to you! Not too sure about only being dramatic. It seems to me

that if there’s been any trouble you couldn’t fight your way out of, you’ve

talked you way out of! The guards in the guild hall, the girl and her two

companions in the tomb…..

Just to say thanks to ‘Ade’ who sat through a 2½ hours session and discovered

his true heritage as a Prince of the Earth and a Solar Exalted.

One on one is hard work, but I think it was well worth it!

Dec 11, 2002 (Ant) msg 2173


Thanks to all the players last night for a great game!


Will Braxus find his ex-squeeze and/or his daughter?

Will Braxus find out that Kzin slit the throat of Sad Ivory?

Does Kzin care?

Will they find out who Opal was working for?

Will Char’s kindness be repaid by those he showed honour and compassion to?

And will James regret saving the life of Braxus’s daughter?

Stay tuned next time…..

Seriously, though, I really did have a great time!

Highlights for me were Braxus cleaving the staff of the Sidereal Exalted in

two, Char shooting the two trebuchet missiles causing them to explode over

Nexus, a (formerly) densely populated city, Kzin levelling an entire ‘Wing’

(250 men) with one spell and James moving invisibly through a ‘Dragon’ (500

men) and finishing off the army leader (by stabbing him in the kidneys) after

Kzin’s demon had bound him in webs and poisoned him…. I wonder if Marcus

knows his father is dead?

Gordy: I didn’t even know that MArcus knew who his father was?

Ant: Marcus DIDN’T know who his father was, thinking he was an orphan, I think!

But there was a REASON why Fa Kune didn’t attack you on sight!

2005 Jan 19

Written by David Scott

I was pleasantly surprised to discover you could defeat 5 Abyssal Exalted

(with a little help). And not only did you manage to kill off 5 of the

First and Forsaken Lion’s finest, but you made an even closer ally out of

the Roseblack!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )

2005 Feb 2

Written by David Scott

I enjoyed it. You’ve spent a LONG time trying to get Lady Mnemon alongside

and forming an alliance, and then Shadrach and Braxus broke it in minutes!

Sigh. You’ve insulted possibly the most powerful woman in the known world!

And James’ act (while demonstrating that she can be ‘got’ at at any time)

just added to her humiliation.

Jirah is, essentially, right. You’re small fish in a big pond. You’re

very POWERFUL small fish, but you number (currently) 6, including Hope and

Mercy. You could (undoubtedly) level cities and mountains, but you can

still be stopped if it really came to it. Don’t forget that the Imperial

City houses the Wyld Hunt, which was organised with the sole purpose of

seeking out Solars and killing them. If they were to release the entire

lot (as opposed to one small squad) in one go, you’d have a fight on your

hands. So far, Lady Mnemon has been using her political clout to keep them

at bay. If she decides to reverse course and use her clout to release

them, how long do you think it’ll be before they come and get you?

You’re there at the pleasure of Lady Mnemon. You’ve just insulted and

offended your patron by implying that she will become Empress while you

have a use for her. Intentions aside, Shadrach suggesting that you could

take the throne away from her whenever you wanted, and Braxus cementing

that by hinting that her becoming Empress was a temporary measure was just

not acceptable. That wasn’t what was intended, to be sure, but it IS what

came across to me, and therefore that’s exactly the way Lady Mnemon took

it! Add to that the fact that you are effectively nobody, and it was

extremely presumptious.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )

2005 Feb 9

Written by David Scott

So now you have (yet) more to think about: the Iselsi offer, the coming

fight and the ‘coronation’ (?) of Lady Mnemon.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )

2005 Mar 23

Written by David Scott

Congratulations to the Solar Circle, who managed to fight and kill Ma Ha

Suchi and most of his army (the rest defecting and joining Zandar), managed

to stop the civil war between two great Houses of the Realm and managed to

(finally) kill Mask of Winters and throw his Monstrance of Celestial

Portion into the Void, sending him to Oblivion.

But best of all, they’ve managed to unite the other Deathlords and hastened

the coming of the 14th Deathlord…

Anthony Armstrong

Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )

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