The Mantis Clan

Okay chaps and chapettes (eh?) this is the final PC option(s) for the upcoming L5R campaign.  I don’t want ANYONE to say that they haven’t had a choice.

We come to the Mantis Clan, a Great clan, that was a Minor clan but with two other Minor Clans became a Great Clan (are you getting all this?….is this mic on?)


Born from a Crab that was cheated of his birthright the Mantis Clan, the Yoritomo, have made a living of being pirates, tenanacious warriors and meddling courtiers but they are not the only Family in the Mantis Clan.


The Moshi are a very conservative family, in fact some might say the ONLY conservative family in the Mantis. They formed the Centipede Clan, until recent upheavals, a minor clan in their own right.

Matriarchal, like the Mantis family of the Lion Clan, the Moshi were exclusive follows of Amseratsu, the Sun Goddess, they supplied the vast majority of the shugenja in the Mantis Clan’s war efforts during the leadup to the Second day of Thunder.  After they seemed to be drifting away from the alliance with the Yoritomo family when disaster struck. After the battle between Togashi Hitomi and Onnanntugu (Lord Moon) in which Hitomi killed Lord Moon, Amseratsu committed jingkai (the female equivalent of seppuku) as a result the whole culture and ethos of the Moshi was thrown into turmoil and was on the verge of disbanding when the Yoritomo offered it’s services and provisions for the family’s well being. The Moshi gratefully accepted.

Graceful and delicately beautiful, the Moshi are a counter balance to the sometimes brash Yoritomo and unorthodox Tsuruchi.

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