Unknown Armies – Session 2 (19/05/15)

The next day all go to the Motel address, looking for Maggie the Biker. There they find the room  front door had been forced open already and there is a person inside searching through the place (which is a mess). A telephone on the back of the head puts the intruder conveniently out to setup a forthcoming interview.

Turns out he is a journalist who is investigating on a group known as The New Inquisition (TNI), which operates ruthlessly to acquire magick artifacts or magick people to enrol for their cause; they also appear to have large fundings at their disposal. They have been here before the journo, and left the mess behind.

Suddenly a movement outside the window starts the party on a chase that culminates on the diving board over a swimming pool with no more than 50cm of water in. From there Maggie threatens to throw away some kind wristwatch she is holding, guessing her pursuers are after it. Seeing they don’t relent at all, she smashes it to pieces against the border of the pool.

A booming explosion and blinding flames engulf them all as they find themselves at the crossroad again, with two cars one over the other. A biker dashes away from the scene at full throttle. Everyone retains all memories of what happened so far.

They try to get Maggie a message through the Motel reception, with an invite for a meet up.

An informer confirms the woman actually went to the Motel and packed up in a hurry.

The party decides to go there and wait for The New Inquisition arrival, to confront them. While hiding or taking place around, a text message comes back from an unknown sender: after few exchanges an agreement is found about meeting at Ocean Beach few hours later.

A Lexus stops in the parking below and four men dressed up like bankers or lawyers come out of it, heading straight towards Maggie’s room. From the front door they can hear someone singing out loud from the bathroom, in a high pitch voice, and they pull out their guns.