Unknown Armies – Session 4 (02/06/15)

The party arrives at the Circle’s Edge ‘historical relics’ shop and finds four smart-dressed men getting out of it and leaving in a white Lexus.

The shop is attended by a muscular guy of native-american origins. The conversation with him brings up several subjects: the shop owner is Sid Anderson, an hipster millionaire, formerly working as strategic marketing exec in silicon valley, now obliging his fancy for expensive old stuff. Turns out there was a burglary last night, which some watch being stolen; no worries however: the insurance company just came in and they’ll cover for everything.

Back to the office, while trying to picture all this together, Raven goes for a blind road crossing at peak hour, managing to get through unharmed and loaded with enough magic to bend probabilities upside down: at the traffic light nearby she spots an old Ford with the crossroad assailant adept at the drive.

The pursue leads to the SF General Hospital. Also there are four smart-dressed guys (surely in a Lexus): they reach the 33th floor and position outside one of the rooms there (33B).

The party confronts the adept (Morris), who only cracks upon hearing about the men: there’s his daughter Amy in that room, a critically ill young girl of 7. She requires expensive medical care which has been funded by TNI so far, in exchange for some special assignment performed by daddy (and mummy?).

They manage to elude the TNI agents by triggering a fire alarm, rescue the girl with a Patch Adams impersonation and then leave through the staff access, making an escape for the safer place they know in town: the underground clinic of Dr. Victor Crane.