Unknown Armies – Session 5 (09/06/15)

The phone rings twice: first time is Maggie, who has found Angela and is proposing a get together with all, out of town; second time is Sid Anderson, who is interested in having a detective consultancy at his shop.

The party goes for Maggie/Angela first. Angela is keen to get hold of the real watch, as she believes Anderson has nothing good to do with it, not being an avatar of the Flying Woman, which the artifact is connected to. She also doesn’t want it to fall in the hands of TNI.

Leaving the meeting, the party splits, with some heading to the Circle’s Edge shop and others to the closer Mak Attax place, looking for support against TNI. Both vehicles gets tailed by the same kind of car: a white Lexus with four men on board. One situation turns into a chase with gunfire, magic and serious wounds before the evaders manage to shake off the pursuers. The other gets funny, with the Lexus hooked by the party’s truck and then dumped aside with a banana in the exhaust.

At the Circle’s Edge shop Sid is there to meet them and he proves very collaborative: he shows footage of the burglary that frames a tall blonde woman (Angela with a wig) hiding in the place at closing time and the stealing the watch, but surprisingly managing to leave the building without neither triggering nor turning off the alarm. Sid is quite concerned about the possibility this may happen also where he keeps the real watch: his ‘farm’ residence on the hills of Carmel valley. The party offers to conduct an assessment there for him, which is then settled to be on July 2nd in the afternoon, right before an event planned there in the evening.